The 1st term B01: “Measurement” of Bio-metal dynamics
Reconstruction of in vivo transport function of metal transport system toward the elucidation of human metal kinetics
Leader Yasuo UCHIDA(Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University)
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Quantum Bioenergetics for Exploring Dynamics of Metals in Protein
Leader Yasuteru SHIGETA(Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
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Development of ferromics probes for iron-specific imaging and proteomics
Leader Tasuku HIRAYAMA(Laboratory of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Gifu Pharmaceutical University)
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Dynamics simulations of metal ions for solvation and coordination with proteins
Leader Hiroshi WATANABE(Quantum Computing Center, Keio University)
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Development of Single Cell Handling and Sampling Devices for Biometal Science
Leader Tomonari UMEMURA(School of Life Sciences, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences)
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