A01-4:Development of new methods for conditional proteomics to understand bio-metal dynamics
Tomonori Tamura
(Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)

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Comprehensive analysis of “metal-related proteins” involved in metal ion metabolic processes and transport is essential for understanding metal-related biological events at the molecular level. In this research project, we will develop new methodologies to elucidate the intracellular dynamics of metal-related proteins on the basis of conditional proteomics approach, previously established by our group. Specifically, we will develope metal-responsive protein labeling reagents that can be activated in the presence of bio-metals, including zinc, copper and iron, and can be used in tissues, animals and plants. We aim to establish a new method to analyze changes in metal metabolism and dynamics in several disease models, and clarify the molecular mechanisms of these biological processes involving metals. These efforts should lead to create more practical and superior molecular tools, which will contribute to facilitate our understanding for the critical roles of bio-metals in living system.

Major publications
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