B01:MEASUREMENT of Bio-metal

B01:”Measurement” of Bio-metal dynamics
Development of Measurement/Analysis Methods Specialized for Bio-metal


B01-1 Development of advanced hyphenated techniques coupled with ICP-MS for bio-metals
Leader Yasumitsu Ogra(Chiba University)
B01-2 In-cell NMR studies on metalloproteins for understanding biometal behaviours
Leader Yutaka Ito(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
B01-3 Structural Characterization of Protein Complexes by Native Mass Spectrometry in Integrated Bio-metal Science
Leader Satoko Akashi(Yokohama City University)
B01-4 Biochemical Imaging with quantum nanobeam for Dynamics analysis of Biometals
Leader Shino Takeda(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)